The Gift – Soothe my Soul

Genre: Alternative / Rock
Location: Serbia

Finally this is the first entry of a Delta Machine cover version. Soothe My Soul is second single and a really cool club track. The Gift transform it into a rock version, which I really love. By the first contact they don’t want to join, because they may not „heavy“ enough. In the end I’m really happy that they choose to join DRC.


Band info: When the band was finally named „The Gift“ in 1999, we triggered a different approach on a different road. It was fortunate time for the band as we have had put an intense gigging in a place, performing unique repertoire either in Novi Sad or Belgrade: Pulp, Suede, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Placebo, Blur… britt pop indeed.

In period of 2001-2005, The Gift had got an important role at National Belgrade theatre. The play we were in, was called: „Polaroids“ (Written by Mark Ravenhill). For the role the band won a special prize for „the scene design“ (actually Scene moves), by the YUSTAT Theatre organisations. It had showed a full potential of the band, reviling that it’s not only important interpretation and a good sound, but also a definition of whole performance, which regardless has brought us an energy and magic of real original artists.

Latter that phenomena we called: „I’m a collector“ (citate from David Bowie’s interview, 1977.) mentioned in our inteview. The point of this idea was to indicate a presence of original artist, in order to transcend into something which has a collective perception of our audience, actually what they would liked us to be or what we are likely to become.

Having planty gigs in many clubs of Serbia, we’re playing: David Bowie, Pulp, Suede, Joy Division, Iggy Pop, Coldplay, Placebo, Oasis, Nick Cave, Richard Ashcroft, Blur, Radiohead, the Killers, The Cure, Pixies, Muse, New Order, Depeche Mode, Peter Muphy and more. On some occasions the band is performing the tribute acts only as David Bowie or Depeche Mode tribute as the most popular in ex YU countries..

Band members:
Jovan Matic: Vocal
Dejan Toskov: Guitar
Olivera Budosan: Keyboards
Zlatomir Gajic: Bass
Milos Lole Stojanovic: Drums

Halo (96kbs Preview):


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Replica Mine – Halo

Genre: Industrial / Metal
Location: USA

Adam seems like a multi-talented one-man army. All music and vocals of this Halo version is done by Adam Harmon.

Replica Mine

Band info: Formed in Salt Lake City, UT (2008) by Adam Harmon (K1-2B, Jinn, Carphax Files). Four EP’s have been released, the most recent being ”A Ghost In The Womb, Part 2: Devastation”.

Band members:
Adam Harmon: Music/Vocals

Halo (96kbs Preview):

dotvalve/a/ (Use @ instead of /a/)

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Moonlight Asylum – Precious

Genre: Industrial / Electronic Metal
Location: Argentina

The first entry ever on DRC was Precious by the spanish punk band Cliper. This time it’s from a band in Argentina. The Depeche Mode fan base in Argentina seems to really big. Here you get a dark, heavy electro metal version of Precious. I really like that the song is recorded in a duet version.

Moonlight Asylum Band Photo

Band info: Moonlight Asylum was born by the end of the 2006 as a soloist project of Brian, this project would see the light with a mix that will be sounding like neoclassic with Dark Ambient. By the end of the 2007 the project takes a radical upset in its musical style, fusing techno, gothic, industrial and metal music.

Band members:
Brian Swan: Clean and gutural voices
Carla Piñeiro: Clean and gutural voices
Joaquin Estrada: Electric guitar
Julieta Ciminelli: Electric bass

Precious (96kbs Preview):


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Conflict – It’s No Good

Genre: Metal, Alternative
Location: Russia

A great heavy version of It’s No Good with great Double Bass Drums and sung by a dynamic female voice. Thank you for your entry in DRC.

Conflict Band Photo

Band info: Conflict was formed 2004 in Moscow. In 2009 band released it’s first full-length album called ”Prototype”. In a year and a half, band line up was changed almost entirely and with all new members was recorded a ”Low Frequency Addicted” single. In 2014 we hope to release a second full length album of 10-12 songs.

Band’s music is heavily influenced by such grands as Fear Factory, Korn, Godflesh, Nine Inch Nails and of course – Depeche Mode.

Band members:
Rodion – Guitar, Songwriting
Michael – Drums, Arrangements, Programming, Synths
Michael – Bass
Anna – Vocals
Maria – Live Keyboards Performance

It’s No Good (96kbs Preview):

conflict-metal/a/ (Use @ instead of /a/)

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Edenian Feat. Julia Orwell – Freelove

Genre: Gothic/Doom
Location: Ukraine

Edenian is the first entry of the coming soon DRC Vol.3 compilation. This young band have done a great heavy cover version of Freelove. With this not so often covered track Edenian makes the content of DRC more unique.

Edenian Band Photo

Band info: The band was formed in Kharkov, Ukraine in 2010, under the great influence of such bands as: Draconian, Doom:VS, Swallow The Sun, Saturnus, Katatonia and early stuff of Tristania, Sirenia and Xandria.
Firstly, the band carried the name Eternia, but for some reasons the name was changed to Edenian.
Over the next months, the newborn band worked hard on the material that was included to their first full-length album “Winter Shades”. The album was released on May 28, 2012 through the BadMoodMan Music (Solitude Productions sub-label).
August 26 2012 – New single ”Fall The Dusk” was released and available for free download.
Lately in 2012, the band entered the studio to record a new album that’s named ”Rise Of The Nephilim” and will be out in 2013.

Band members:
Max ”Eternal Tom” Molodtsov – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum-Programming, Music, Lyrics
Valerie Chudentsova – Vocals, Music
George Muratti – Vocals (live)
Oleg ”Zarg” Dotsenko – Guitar (live)
Alex Mor – Bass Guitar (live)
Danielle Gaivoronsky – Drums (live)

Freelove (96kbs Preview):


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DRC Vol. 2 finally ready

I’m very proud to present you the finally finished compilation DRC Vol.2
Have fun while listening to this masterpiece.


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Rotten Tomatoes – Lilian

Genre: Rock / Metal / Punk
Location: Hungary

These cool guys gives us Lilian in a Rock Metal Funk Punk version. And I mean exactly in this order in one song! But simply just find out yourself. I’m really happy that Rotten Tomatoes are again on DRC. They also appeared on DRC Vol.1 with the cover of I Just Can’t Get Enough.


Band info: Rotten Tomatoes was started up as a classic punk rock trio by three dudes loved rock and roll and to hang out together. After a while a new member joined the band in 2007. They did it to make the sound of their music more rich and unique. So they started to evolve their own sound and Rotten Roll music style, keeping characteristics of punk rock to a certain extent.
As a result of it their first LP was recorded in 2009. The album was called Rotten Roll. The LP contains 12 songs written primarily in Hungarian language, but 7 tracks out of it were recorder in English too (was released separately). They shot also a video for one of the songs from the album. The gigs in late 2009 and 2010 were about to promote the LP while they kept writing new songs. As a success of the efforts, in 2010 the band was invited by Hungarian Television to its music program, to Sztár Sáv (Star Zone), where they played 2 songs, were interviewed and the video of the first LP was broadcasted for the first time.
An EP, called At Least We Tried, was recorded early 2011. The 6 tracks of it were in English language and represents something new again compared to the Rotten Roll album both in sounds and dynamics. During 2011 the band played on both most important and biggest Hungarian festival, Sziget Festival and VOLT festival while continuously doing gigs both in country and abroad.
Continuing the formerly released EP, from December 2011, Rotten Tomatoes has been in studio preparing their 2nd LP which will contain 11 tracks and supposed to be out at the end of February 2012. The rest of 2012 will be spent on promoting the new stuff with full strength and trying to reach the awaited breakthrough.
Beside the above things, the band have been very active to invigorate the music life in Hungary, by inviting and playing together with lot of very good foreign bands: Time Again (USA, HellCat Records), Good Knives (UK), Whiskey Rebels (USA), Rat City Riot (USA), New Disaster (USA), Born To Loose (USA), Safety First Gonzales (GER), Heartbreak Stereo (FIN), Heart Attack Radio (BE).

Band members:
cseri rotten – guitar, vocals
petey – bass guitar, vocals
sundi rotten – drums
mr. lovejoy – lead guitar

Lilian (96kbs Preview):

Petey – pai/a/ (Use @ instead of /a/)
Phone: +36 20 9116822

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DRC Vol.2 Announce

I’m proud to announce that DRC Vol.2 will arrive as free download on the 24th of may. Please spread the news worldwide over all your channels.


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Violet – It’s No Good

Genre: Rock
Location: Serbia

Nearly to the release of DRC Vol.2 the rock band Violet join with their cover version of It’s No Good. The version is really good a recorded well. Dynamic sound and growl parts at the end fits perfectly to this compilation.

Violet Band Photo

Band info: Initially, serbian band Violet experimented in the field of alternative R’n’R. Over the years, and after several changes in the line up, the sound of Violet became harder, and the band chose to get closer to domestic audience by writing lyrics in serbian language. Individual tastes in music of the band members, which vary greatly, from punk, to hard rock and metal, with a strong influence of the Foo Fighters, resulted in a melodic songs about everyday love and social issues. In addition to several concerts in the home town and its surroundings, Violet was a representative of Serbia at the traditional festival Urban Fest Osijek, Croatia. It is interesting that the audience had been choosing which bands were to play, and Violet was one of the few bands selected from over 300 applicants from across the region.
As the highlight of the career so far, but also as a kind of run-up before the start of work on a new album, the band recorded a mini album of 5 songs, along with a video for the title song ”Heart of Glass”.

Band members:
Sava Mirović (guitar)
Vladimir Nikolic (drums)
Branko Dimitrijevic (bass)
Milan Mimmy Kostadinović (vocals, guitar)

It’s No Good (96kbs Preview):


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Where You Were You Can Go Back – One Caress

Genre: Doom Metal, Black Metal
Location: Spain

Melancholy, dark and heavy. You really feel the pain by hearing this song. This version is definitely more Doom instead of Black Metal. It comes like a slow painful death. I especially like the band pic. Doesn’t really fit to the sound, but I also don’t like to think too stereotype.


Band info: We meet in 2008 in a Anathema concert and since then we never give up to music. We started to play metal cause was our main motivation and influence but with tome our music became more electronic. Today we are working in a 10 songs CD which is expected to come out around summer 2013.

Band members:
Anna – Image, Bass and Music
David – Guitar, Voice and Music

One Caress (96kbs Preview):


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